Companies incorporating CinemaDNG into their products include:

Adobe Systems
Adobe supports CinemaDNG in Premiere CC and SpeedGrade CC. After Effects, Bridge and Camera RAW, Photoshop and Lightroom supports the DNG format. Adobe software is available for Mac OSX and Windows.


Advanced Architectures
apertus° - open source cinema logo apertus° – open source cinemais a community born project to develop free and open high end digital cinema tools. These tools include software and hardware for a professional production environment digital cinema camera.
Blackmagic Design have a line of cameras shooting in the CinemaDNG format from HD to UltraHD resolution. The cameras includes the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, Blackmagic Production Camera and the Blackmagic URSA Camera.


Cine-tal Systems
Digital Bolex

created the Digital Bolex D16, an affordable RAW shooting digital cinema camera for independent filmmakers that features a CCD sensor, pro audio, and footage in uncompressed CinemaDNG.
Fastec Imaging
The Foundry
Fraunhofer IIS
Hamburg Pro Media
Ikonoskopmakes the A-Cam dII camera, a small and light professional digital film camera that shoots uncompressed RAW in the CinemaDNG format.
Image Engineering
cinemadng-Kornmanufaktur KORNMANUFAKTURis a German engineering company which developed the KORNABTASTER, a high-end film scanner for 8/16/35mm films that supports uncompressed RAW in CinemaDNG up to 4K.
Marquise Technologies
Radient Grid Technologies
Silicon Imaging
Synthetic Aperture
ViewPlus Technologies
Vision Research